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Fascinated by the power of the mind & happy to share that passion with you 

Award-winning brain scientist, world-renowned neurologist, and international bestselling author, Steven has conducted groundbreaking research into the human mind for more than 25 years. He explores the human mind using the latest technologies assessing consciousness and the power of the mind in meditation, sleep, coma, near-death experiences, psychedelics, hypnosis and dreamlike states. With his team, he has also studied the brains of astronauts, top-athletes, Buddhist monks (including Matthieu Ricard and lama Zeupa) and entrepreneurs. Prof Laureys has authored no less than an impressive 540+ scientific papers, and has an H-index of 135+. Furthermore, he has published several books, including The Neurology of Consciousness, and popular books, such as the international bestseller, "The No-Nonsense Meditation Book" (translated in 15+ languages).

Steven is father of five and currently resides much of the time in Canada. He is widely appreciated as an approachable brain expert, science populariser and speaker (including 5 popular TEDx talks). His work has been featured extensively in media such as TIME magazine, the New York Times, FORBES, the Guardian, BBC, CNN and National Geographic.

Anyone looking for a science-backed introduction to the power of the mind & meditation, that's free of woo-woo promises, look no further...

Speech Topics (ENG / FR / NL)

  • Translating neuroscience & the power of the mind to the business practice

  • Mindfulness & compassion

  • Restorative sleep, stress, alertness & focus 

  • Entrepreneurs' mindset & neuro-economics (cognitive flexibility, innovation & human decision making)

  • Neuro-ergonomics (work performance and mental wellbeing at work & home)

  • Creativity, teamwork & leadership (ethics, value & empathy)

  • How human intelligence and creativity differs from Artificial Intelligence and neuro-robotics.


What do you get? 

• Learn about the power of the mind and the benefits of meditation in the workplace and how we can apply it during our working day.

• Prof Laureys summarizes in a very understandable way the recent studies on the effect of mindfulness on our brain, using hard neuroscience to explain to any skeptic the measurable benefits of a practice once considered purely spiritual . The result is a highly accessible, engaging, interactive and evidence-based conference on the various meditation techniques, designed to open up the practice to a wider audience.

• Learn how meditation can help you deal differently with stress and anxiety. Better sleep. Cultivate a sharper, more creative mind. Have an impact on your blood pressure and age healthier.

• Steven uses a mix of fascinating science, inspiring anecdotes and practical exercises. This keynote provides well-researched evidence that meditation can have a positive impact on our mental and physical functioning.

• Learn accessible exercises to meditate yourself – formally but also and above all informally.
Meditation can be done at any time, anywhere during the day: at work, in the shower, in traffic jams, on the train, while cooking or walking… do what you can!

• Don't wait for a burnout but learn from Dr Laureys how to start meditating, an effective way to take care of your emotional wellbeing & mental health.​

Satisfied customers 

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