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Steven Laureys is Research Director at the National Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS).

founded the Coma Science Group (2006) & directs the GIGA Consciousness Research Unit (2014-)

at Liège University, Belgium.

Currently, he is invited professor at CERVO Brain Centre, Laval University & CIUSSS, Canada (2021-).

I'm interested in understanding human consciousness

& translating that neuroscientific knowledge to better clinical care. 

Together with our team, colleagues & industrial partners,

we explore the human mind in health and disease using the latest

brain imaging technologies (structural & functional MRI, PET, EEG),

stimulation techniques  (tDCS, vagal nerve stimulation, TMS) and wearables assessing

brain injury, coma and related states, concussion, sleep & meditation.


Scientific and clinical research papers :

Google Scholar

Medline (US National Library of Medicine)


Research Gate


Scientific books :

The Neurology of Consciousness

Google books

Amazon books

How can we know if some patients in coma have any consciousness and how can we improve their recovery?

Will we ever be able to read minds? What are near-death experiences? What is brain death?

What happens in our brains during dreaming, hypnosis or meditation?

How can we exploit the power of the mind ?

Understanding consciousness remains one of the greatest mysteries for science to solve.

For the past 25 years, I have dedicated my life to study and care for the human mind, normal and damaged.

WE LOOK FOR Near-Death Experience testimonies - contact us



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